2-Wooden Drawer Console Table

£115.00 £179.00

Our 2 Drawer Console Table decorates ideas for any room and provides you with a perfectly level display surface where you can brighten a room with fresh flowers or show off your recent family portraits. Place it behind your sofa. Storage space for the dining area. Console Table can add to a themed room, or help to tie a mismatched set together. 


This Accent Table uses its crisp black metal frame & wooden drawers. With a blank canvas of sorts, you can add beautiful neutrals and simple antique pieces that are sure to pop with the fresh look of your display. A mirror above is a great way to add depth and interest while adding books will create an Illusion Of Height.


This piece exudes a romance Sofa Table. Throw in some cute family photos, warm lighting, and peaceful neutral colors, stand beside the sofa back or step stairs in the living room will have guests “aw” in with admiration. The two levels lend themselves to more storage or décor options, and the Two drawers add a practical element to this display.


Key Features: 

  • Metal Frame & 2-Wooden Drawer Console Table.
  • The multipurpose table can be used as an end table or side table.
  • This side table is simple and classic.
  • Can be perfectly matched with any room style.
  • You can easily open and close.
  • Strong and durable for using a long time.
  • Two drawers add a practical element