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Folding Board TimeSaver

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  • Say Goodbye messy drawers and messy shirts! Each interlocking divider is like a thin, flexible mini-shelf that allows you to stack clothes neatly and conveniently. Pull items from the middle without disturbing the stack because each item is separated from the rest.
  • A good tool provides a simple and convenient way to fold clothes. Easily store folders, fold to the wardrobe to save space!
  • Lock clothing storage bags vacuum clear clothing storage bag storage for clothing in the bedroom,  camping clothing storage. 


- Let you folding clothes easily!
- Made of high quality, durable PP material, strong toughness, good ductility.
- Movable ring design, thickness adjustable, easy to store.
- 3 steps and 3 seconds can be done, even kids can do this, very easy and convenient.
- A great tool provides an easy and convenient way to fold clothes.
- Suitable for trousers, shirts, pajamas, T-shirts, thick clothes, etc..

Material: Impact resistant PP composite plastic
Colour: Blue/Red
Folding size: 22x30.5cm/8.7x12"
Quantity: 1 PC

Packaged included:
1x Clothes folding board  

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