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NO more time consuming chopping session!




Cutting fruits and vegetables is now easier and faster than ever!

CutPro Multi-Cutter is a portable device designed to cut and dice your vegetables, fruits, and mushroom easily within seconds.

Why Do I Need This?

✔ Very Easy to Use! With just one motion your fruit and vegetable will be cut to pieces.

✔ Versatile. CutPro Multi-Cutter come with 3 different interchangeable cutting blade that you can switch according to your needs.

✔ Time Saver! With this you can cut your vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms within seconds!

✔ Multi-Function! CutPro Multi-Cutter could be used to cut almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits as long as it fits, and it doesn't stop there, you can also use it to cut mushroom and wedge potato!

✔ High-Quality Material. Our product is made from high-quality ABS and stainless steel so it will be durable and rustproof.

How Do I Use This?

Unlock the lock switch as shown below to open the device

Put one of the 3 available cutters according to your need, and also pair it with the cup if you want the result to be contained there.

Put your vegetables, fruits, or mushroom and simply press as shown below to cut it.


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