Storage Cabinet Shoe Rack Wardrobe Closet Organizer

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 Assemble the shelf in steps and place it under your stairs in the hallway to store shoes and bags. Place the shelving unit upright in your bedroom and use it as a wardrobe. Divide the 20 cubes and place 5 small shelves in rooms with limited space. For example, place a 6-cube shelf in your bathroom to keep all your hygiene items tidy.

Shoe Rack

Use the shelving system to build a spacious playpen for hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, and more. Uses Great storage space to store clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, and many other things you want! Also, you can move it around the room very easily and change the shape and configuration to your liking.

 Shoe Rack

  • Make Full Use of Your Space: Designed to utilize floor space, this shoe rack can be stacked and customized for your space and preference, maximizing every inch of your corridor, living room, under the stairs, wardrobe, behind the door, attic, and office
  • Embrace All: Capable of holding 16-25 pairs of shoes, your high heels, sneakers, and children’s shoes can finally be tamed by this interlocking shoe rack! Also, you can remove the divider to get a bigger shelf—your taller shoes or plush toys will have a cozy room here
  • Quality Matters: Featuring quality ABS connectors, a sturdy metal frame, and water-proof, easy-to-clean PP plastic sheets in timeless black, each 22 x 35 x 22 cm (L x W x H) slot can hold up to 5 kg; plus, anti-tip devices are included to give your collection a safe perch
  • Easier Than You Think: With a mallet and illustrated instructions included, assembling this shoe storage is joyful—almost like playing with building blocks! Moving? This disassembly-friendly unit makes it easy to relocate!
  • What You Get: A modular shoe rack featuring 16 spacious compartments for a tidier entrance, a set of anti-tip devices for added safety, and detailed and easy-to-follow instructions for easy assembly