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Multifunction Vacuum Cleaning Tool

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The cleaner can be attached to various vacuums, like your household or car vacuum cleaner and so on. The blue part is detachable to adapt to a smaller or bigger hose.
Features long and flexible tubes which act like a brush that can sweep or dislodge dust and other small debris particles, you can use it to clean your draw, corners, even your pets.

Just connect this to your vacuum and you can clean as seen as on TV, flexible tubes, strong suction, and long size all of this can impress you deeply.
Micro-size suction tubes are made of soft, high-quality plastic. The high-quality hose will not break easily. It is durable and ensures that the pipe will not fall off during use.
Comfort and control of the handle Ergonomic grip, compact and lightweight, the user can easily remove the dust in the house.
Vacuum cleaner attachment makes you more convenient, you can clean difficult areas easily without moving things, clean clearer and save you a lot, this dust cleaner can impress you deeply and you will happy for your purchasing. Dust cleaner is a handy tool that can help you a lot and save you a lot of time. You can use the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean your sofa, drawer, bookshelf, your car, and even your pets. Handy and convenient.
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How to Use:
1. Plug into a universal adapter that has come with it.
2. Attach to vacuum attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
3. Begin to clean anything with dust.
4. Remove the attachment and put it back to the box.
Warnings: Power Down Appliances First: Before you use, be sure to unplug them and turn them off.
Don't Submerge in Water: The water could damage it and the vacuum it's attached to.
Colour: Black
material: plastic
Size: Length: 33cm
Package Contents:
1 * Vacuum cleaner connector







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